Boba Fett, Inner Command

Boba Fett. The knowledge of his presence on the battlefield hardens the hearts and determination of his soldiers; the whisper of his name a fierce reminder of the wars. Dating back to early 2001, his chief skills as a pilot and tactical commander brought him into the fray, joining the ranks of DS and quickly moving to a command position. His first command of Spectre Squadron as a B-Wing pilot will also be his most famous command; His pilots reflected his undying devotion to each other, still to this day cherishing the memory bleeding the deep blue and charcoal colors of Spectre Squadron. Never forget. Through devotion and passion, he went on to lead entire armies- Pilots, Jedi, and Commandos to victory. Disregarding safety from afar like his peers, his leading from the front of the battlelines inspired many to fight alongside him no matter the odds. Though his inspiration to his men pushed them to fight harder, they were the ones to truly drive him- Their unrelenting dedication and perseverance igniting the fire that raged within. While the leaders of DS were weak with their lack of experience, the lack of battles fought, Admiral Boba Fett knew his men deserved better. With the help of his most trusted soldiers, he set out to create a faction that would strike at the hearts of their enemies; one that would epitomize the reason to fight and the methods to annihilate. The Resistance was born with the knowledge when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Confident of impending victories, a new dawn arises- Guns blazing and adversaries falling.

Droidekas, Inner Command

Droidekas started his clan adventures in June 2004, when he was recruited by former DS Antpile into The Defenders of Sovereignty. From there on, his "career" spiraled upwards to the spot where he is today. It all started out when Sandcrawler picked him to be the Senator for the Black Wolves Squadron. After the DS Senate fell through, he was eventually moved on to Chief of Staff for the same squadron. Later that year, Wizard promoted him to the third command of Jade as well. After that, Droid hung around until GBG finally had it's last Hurrah. He moved onto the newly forming Republic Command section, and applied for a spot. Under the leadership of Admiral Boba Fett, he took command of Firebat, one of DS' first RC squadrons. Firebat flourished under his command, until his playing abilities diminished and he became discouraged with the game. When he realized that happening, he relinquished command to his XO, XLR8. After that point, GBG squadron Death Corps was experiencing a major lack of command. Droid stepped in as temporary Commanding Officer, until ReDEyE commissioned him as the permanent leader. As the section moved on to Empire at War, Droid was then given Ministership of the section under FiReBaLL, after ReDEyE was removed. He remained Minister until leaving DS to co-found The Resistance. From that point on, he has been an Inner Command member for the clan.

Prodigy, Inner Command

Absent at time of publish. (Not)

Sandcrawler, Section Leader, Guild Wars

I was in DS for slightly over three years, in those three years I CO of three diff rent squadrons and founded one of them. I was also XO of numerous squadrons. My command style is getting close to my members, and tuning out everyone else. I believe in promoting and doing most things on Xfire, and as such I don't post alot of stuff. Back in DS I was recruited by Fireball, the XO of a squadron at the time, I wandered into his recruiting room on the MSN gaming zone (unknown to most of you) thinking that the room was another game. I was then asked if I would like to join DS, I said sure and so it started. For the first 6 or more months of being in DS I couldn't play the game, so I would go on and recruit, and ended up recruiting around 30 members for that game and more for other games. Several of my recruits are here with us now, such as Ashyr. Many people here have been in my squadrons under my command, such as Droidekas, Fred, and many other. I command the Guild Wars section here in the resistance, and can play almost all of our supported games.

Ashyr, Section Leader, Jedi Academy

I began my gaming on the MSN Gaming zone as a young boy. I joined DK-Devil Knights and was on the Council there. We played GBG then GBG:CC. At this time, DK and DS were ironically enemies. The leadership fell apart and I joined DS due to the skill they had and dedication. I began as Recruit Fighta8 under the Command of DarKGo in SGF-4 Death Corps. I was active and promoted up to LtJG. At this time, I bought JKO and JKA at EBGames. I became a fanatic, playing for DS at BSC. I switched my main to the SJO and was asked by Chuckney to be his XO is the Mandalorians. I accepted and a few months later, Chuckney was asked to head the new SWBF section, so Councilor Fett allowed me to Command the SJC-3 Mandalorians. I remained a CO for over 2 1/2 years and then became Minister. Sypha was lead at this time and wanted to change nothing in the section and the HC wasn't helping.. Solo talked with me about forming a new clan and I was onboard after weighing where I could benefit my clan better. Being one of the longest serving CO's in DS, It was hard to leave. Here I am at TR today commanding the Jedi Order. We are moving along and I hope to continue. It was during this time, I returned to the CJK-Mod JK2 Disruption Community after a 1 1/2 Year LOA. I tryed out for X6 and made it along with another mate out of 9 people. I really enjoy the game play and people. My Life in Gaming is Amazing, I'm proud to be with TR and make all the friends I have had.

Gandef, Minister, Jedi Academy

I used to play Solo until my friend Chris recommended me to join a clan. I had JA but when the original Battlefront came out I decided I Lucasarts forum for the DS, I was interested and looked at it and thought well this looked a cool site. I decided to join and got a PM from Chuckney who basically showed the ropes and that’s when I joined my first squad Invincible Squadron. I played that game for a while but got bored of it and switched to the SJO (Sovereign Jedi Order) and the Guardians. I got through the ranks a bit but i never got on to well with Bigdog so I didn’t get far. When Tifa (Rinoa/Shego/Laura) became minister, Aaron (Sypha Dias) became the CO of the guardians and I became XO. Things went well then and when Laura left Sypha became Minister and I was promoted to CO of the guardians. Things went downhill from there, my squad became inactive what with the game being old and I went to Australia for a year traveling. I bought the game for a second time to help keep the SJO active in Australia, and things shaped up a bit. Then the bombshell happened, Bigdog without talking to me or Ash opened the Stormreavers and pretty much all my active members left the Guardians. I argued at Boogiepop Phantom and Bigdog, and because of that Bigdog made me Operations Officer and gave the Guardians to Agony and Malak. After a month or so from that the squads closed. Cutting things short BoogIiepop Phantom was sacked Bigdog left and Aaron became Section head.  From then on the SJO went into a slump. Sypha wasn’t really active, Ashyr and myself were left holding the fort and I wasn’t that active due to moving house. I got a bit fed up with the DS not being promoted in 2 years and watching numerous people soar ridiculously though the ranks. So I contemplated leaving which is when at that point Freeze announced the closure of the SJO. Me and Ash went on a rampage throwing as much as we could at freeze and that’s when I said I was very tempted in leaving especially with the closure of the SJO. That’s when (I think it was Mike) asked me if I was leaving the ds, I said yes and he invited me into the group chat when all of us were leaving the DS. That’s when everything happened we all left, I joined the TR after 2 and a bit years of service in the DS.

Chuck Norris, Commanding Officer, Battlefront Two

I was recruited into DS around Christmas 2005. I made my way through the first few ranks lightning fast but started to lag behind. I got annoyed with being ignored, but I kept in DS for nearly a year. I made it to 1st Sergeant and watched as all my peers and people who joined before me get XO and even CO spots while I tried to do stuff without sucking up too much. All through this time I was becoming better and better at Battlefront, but was outshown by a few other players. And I started to see through DS, at all the corruption taking place, and I felt I had to leave. I felt they stepped over the line at kicking Fett out of the HC, but in a sense I understood them. The internal war in DS was too much. I didn't feel right, I wasn't doing great, I wanted to leave and never come back. I had no idea of TR until the day Fett asked me if I wanted to join. I did not hesitate, and accepted the consequences. I had no idea of what I was stepping into, and knew it would be a hard task. But I will not leave. Since I joined TR I have almost wished to rejoin DS a couple times, but I didn't. I have accelerated through ranks like only ChuckNorris can, getting XO and then CO within the next couple months. CHUCK'S BAAAAAAAAAACK!

Xemnas, Commanding Officer, Battlefront Two

I was recruited December 23(could be 24th) 2005 into my first gaming clan, the Defenders of Soverignty (DS). After 3 months of being a private I finaly got a promotion. Not long after wards I started ascending the ranks up until I hit the rank of 1st Sergeant towards the end of 2006. Then in late November/early December internaly DS had shown major corruption and was falling apart with over 6 memvers resigning a day. I was fed up with what was going on and was going to leave just after Christmas when on December 3rd 2006 I was invited to The Resistance (TR) by TR_Neo and TR_Mav, along with TR_jawathehutt, the guy who recruited me into DS in the first place. From there I joined TR, was voted into the spot of Executive Officer of Battlefront Resistance Cell-2 (BRC-2) a Battlefront II squad, at the time under the command of TR_Steve Zissou. Then at the end of February 2007, Steve resigned due to real life issues leaving me in command of BRC-2, bringing us up to today.

Flight, Commanding Officer, Galaxies

I was recruited into DS by Major Isaiah of Sentinel Squadron, around March 13th 2001, just two months after DS started. I joined Sentinel under the command of then Colonel Fury. Within about six months, I rose to Sentinel's XO Under the command of Isaiah, uncertain if I was ever XO under Fury. Isaiah and I left to establish the short lived MW3 clan BD, and upon it's failure a month later I rejoined. After about a month I again was XO under either Director Fury or Evilder. Fury would leave for weeks at a time and Evilder, Exarkun and I would keep Sentinel running when no other squad would. Evilder got booted for something “traitorous” and I became Sentinels CO. This is also about the same time I hit Colonel (Sometime around this time the future Admiral Dash Rendar proceeded to call me Admiral Flight for two weeks, then Admiral Antar resigned and made Dash Admiral, and he will never live that down.) When GBG Started up I took command of one of Fury's Elite Squads, and left about four months later to focus on XWA.

I was part of Drew's attempt to launch a JK section until HC shut it down. I left the clan a few months to focus on MW4 in WC Clan Wolf. I came back, and rose through Sentinel for a third time, and Commanded the squadron with Exar as my XO. Also the same time I became and honorary member of Spectre due to Fett. Sentinel the eternally short squadron was temporally expanded to four flights during our time, then XWA really started to show it's age. I joined JK2 for a short while three or four times (aka a few months). I left XWA after Sentinel was closed (about 5 or 6 years later at this point, roughly 4-5 in command of Sentinel. After Obiwan stepped down and Apollo was promoted to XWA's leader, I returned as minister to the section. At the same time I was in Drew's XO in the Sovereign Guard for BF1. After Apollo left and XWA lost it's HC seat, I became section leader, for about six months. I stepped down due to differences and then it abruptly finished dieing. I bounced between JK2 and RC until TR started. Joined TR since I had been upset for years at how DS changed when GBG was introduced. Took the section leader position for RC by an IC offer and then due to lack of recruits over a few months it died.

Tex, Commanding Officer, Battlefield 2142

I was in DS for over 2 years, after joining them when I decided to try and play my Galactic Battlegrounds online. After being a newb and hopping around a few clans, I ended up in the Defenders of Sovereignty. I have come along way in a personal standpoint since then, and I've definitely matured and become more responsible. DS really brought me a long way. In the beginning, my fellow Defenders and I had lots of late nights, with odd chats and fun discussions. After the first year, DS really began to change with the addition of Battlefront and Republic Commando. The fun factor slowly dwindled down into almost nothing. With lots of computer issues, my gaming activity slowed down to a halt and I faded away. With my return sometime later, me and the other Defenders that had joined around my time were really realizing how much DS had changed. With a few very disliked actions by the Sovereign High Command, I came into the information that several of my friends would be splitting off to form another clan. I spoke with Boba Fett and pledged my support and membership to what became The Resistance, but didn't formally resign from DS for another week or two. It was a very hard decision, but as many people have put it, a clan simply describes you, it does not define you. Friends are more important to me than a set of clan tags. After receiving Battlefield 2142 for Christmas, and Boba needing COs for the new section, I was appointed Commanding Officer of Bravo Platoon. I run the squad, and make sure everything goes smoothly. I like to think that I only coordinate things, and let the platoon members make decisions for themselves. If you're in my squad, you'll see a lot of polls for ideas that will affect the squad. I won't vote in them myself unless I'm called to. I think the idea of democracy is important, and my platoon is a great example of that. The best way to have fun is by doing things you like, and that's why we're all here in TR isn't it?

Asuka, Commanding Officer, Empire At War

Recruited by Jedi Advisor Ashyr during the height of the Sovereign Jedi Order, Asuka had humble beginnings as a Marine and advanced through the initial ranks of DS very rapidly. He eventually found his roots in the Army. Prior to the conception of TR, Asuka was the Commander of the Sovereign's Fist, The Defenders of Sovereignty's elite tactician squad in charge of overall division training, organizational structuring, intelligence and the main offensive line in wars. Whilst overseeing the SF, he was in addition the Executive Officer of SGF-7, known as the Crimson Guards. A veteran of 5 Wars, Asuka's command style is very dominant, generally taking charge in huge team games, assigning orders to officers under his command based on their preference and skill level, then formulating strategies. Extremely adaptive and a quick learner, his presence is definitely felt on the battle field.

Asuka's philosophy in wars, has always been: “Size matters" referring specifically to the size of his battle groups. He praised brute force above all else and overspecialized in anything that could overpower most threats on any field, in any theater of War. With the break up of the commando division in DS due to a failed power grab on multiple levels of the clan, Asuka pledged his support to Admiral Fett despite the support from many of his comrades in the Army. With the forced removal of Admiral Fett by JAG Freeze and the High Command, coupled with the death of The Sovereign Jedi Order at the hands of the High Command and the continues mutinous behavior of the remnant of the Commandos, Asuka joined the loyalist movement along with a select number of high ranking officers. Not one to be controlled very easily, he continuously besieged the High Command for their actions until he was targeted by his former clan and what followed, would be known as the birth of the Resistance.

Assigned the rank of Lt, Asuka was placed in collective command of The Resistance's EaW/FoC division, along with Lt Rerunn and Lt Razor. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Mike, Asuka and the other Commanding Officers were within a matter of days, called upon to strike back at DS in IW 4, proving to be both his and TR's finest hour. Within the next few months, in co-operation with the Admirals, they laid the foundations for the Resistance Strategic Command, in an attempt at resurrecting the once glorious strength of the Army.