1. Respect
Respect is a cornerstone within any organized membership. All TR members will show respect towards fellow clan mates, superiors, guests, servermates, and other clan members.

2. Insubordination
Any person showing disrespect or direct disobedience or any degree towards a superior officer and/or his orders is a violation of both this and the previous article.

3. Cursing
While in uniform or anywhere representing The Resistance, profanities will not be tolerated. Foul language will not be tolerated under any circumstances when it is directed at a person or persons of this clan OR of another clan in a derogatory manner.

4. Unacceptable Behavior.
Harassment, threats, or discrimination of any sort will not tolerated. The final judgment of the statements or evidence in question will be discretion of the clan leaders.
-4a. Threats and harassment
Threats and harassment will be considered serious and and may result in immediate expulsion from The Resistance upon the Inner Command's decision.
-4b. Discrimination
All members are to show the proper respect to all clan members regardless of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, or any other descriptive property.

5. Deception
Any person joining under false pretenses, whether after being expelled or rejoining will be removed immediately. Should justification be shown, the Inner Command may grant a return with restrictions.

6. Multiclanning
This is defined as "actively participating in another clan which supports the same games played by the Resistance." Multi-clanning and 'clan hopping' in any form are not acceptable. The only expection to this rule is if the clan in question does not support any form of games played by the Resistance, or said clan does not ever play against TR in any tournament. Further clarification can be made by addressing a superior officer.

7. Spam
Under no circumstances will Spam be tolerated outside of designated areas. The Inner Command are the sole judge on what is and is not spam.

8. Mutiny/Dissent
Any member found guilty of conspiring against the Inner Command and any decision is subject to immediate punishment.

9. Inner Command
All Members of the Inner Command have equal rights and powers within The Resistance.

10. Pornography
Pornographic images will not be tolerated in any form on the forums. This is non-negotiable and immediate IP banning will result. The Inner Command are the sole judge on whether an image deemed pornographic or not.

11. Expulsion
Any member of the Inner Command may expel a member at their discretion at any time they feel the CoC has been violated. If someone proves to be a serious threat to the stability and integral workings of the clan, they will be removed without hesitation. Anyone expelled may be reviewed no earlier than one month after their expulsion, and require a majority IC vote to be allowed to return.

12. Cheating
Under no circumstances will The Resistance tolerate any form of cheating, anywhere. Any member found to be cheating will be removed from TR immediately.